Identifying exposure and protecting your assets!

The Property & Business Interruption team at Convergo are specialists who excel at focusing on client requirements, and clients pick up on this immediately. Through in-depth analysis and industry customisation, we understand the specific risks challenging clients and provide them with a comprehensive property risk management program to protect their assets.

Our customised property risk management solutions feature:

  • Access to the global insurance and reinsurance market;
  • Risk definition and quantification;
  • Catastrophe risk modelling;
  • Management of risk and potential interdependencies;
  • Risk mitigation and loss prevention;
  • Evaluation of maximum probable loss & estimate of maximum foreseeable loss;
  • Business continuity planning;
  • Policy wording reviews;
  • Stress test analysis of deductibles and excesses.

The types of clients who can benefit from our solutions include:

  • Large and small commercial property portfolios;
  • All industrial/production categories (e.g. refineries and steel mills);
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical companies;
  • Manufacturers of automobiles and automotive components;
  • Food producers;
  • Transport & Logistics;
  • Warehousing;
  • Hotels & Leisure;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Electronics industry;
  • Public and private utilities (e.g. water, electricity, gas and telecommunications);
  • Pulp and paper manufacturers;
  • Hospitals.


We pride ourselves on the quality and level of service we provide for our clients. Be it a rapid response time or a customised solution, we can guarantee a high-quality, customised service. We treat every customer as unique, with a specific set of needs and requirements. Listening, understanding issues and being attentive are the guarantee that these needs will be met.