We know how to manage risk

an essential element for the survival of business and people.


We demonstrate the value
of experience with facts

just as skills can make a difference in the insurance industry.


We are a service company
that focuses on excellence

born and bred to prioritise excellence and client satisfaction.


We focus on acquiring talent!

This is one of the most ambitious M&A strategies ever implemented in the insurance advisory industry, where everyone is exclusively concentrated in the acquisition of companies!

Convergo Insurance Advisor

The point of contact for identifying risks and managing them

We handle the holistic operations of our industry while also providing customised solutions. We go beyond standard insurance advisory to partner our clients in managing risk.







(*) Partner Offices Worldwide



Who we support

We have the responsibility and privilege of providing solutions consistent with the requirements of clients operating at the top level of their industries, in businesses that face various risks and require targeted insurance solutions.

Advice on managing any type of risk

Our service offering covers a range of solutions that go beyond conventional insurance brokering services, with advisors well-versed in solving problems in all areas of risk, and targeted solutions that fit client requirements perfectly.


Numerous service areas combined with professionalism in knowing how to manage them

Our strength is underpinned with the quality of our people

We are a flexible, resourceful team, with a precise, analytical and highly customised approach to risk management. As a result, joining the Convergo team is a source of satisfaction for the best professionals in the business.  Yet another reason for getting to know us!

An international network enabling
us to get closer to every client requirement