The ability to go beyond insurance advice

We have the ability and experience to provide specific, innovative solutions for any client operating in any area, such as:

Aviation & Aerospace

Risk management and insurance solutions for the aviation and aerospace industry, with innovative results that bring added value for our clients.

Chemical & Life Science

Convergo provides chemical and pharmaceutical companies with specific, managed solutions to enable end-to-end business monitoring, supporting companies from the R&D phase through to final product launch.

Communication, Media & Technology

Risk management advisory and insurance solutions for communication, media and technology companies.


Specific advice on risk for contractors, subcontractors, customers and operators in the industry. Risk management for complex construction projects throughout the world.


Risk management services and dedicated solutions for various energy industries, including Oil & Gas and related Upstream processes (prospecting and production), Midstream processes (processing, transport and storage) and Downstream processes (refining and marketing), in addition to Renewable Energy from solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal and biomass sources.

Financial Institutions

Technical advice, innovative products and competitive solutions for any type of financial institution across a wide range of businesses.

Manufacturing & Automotive

Technological advances are creating new opportunities in the manufacturing and automotive industries, although new and increasingly complex risks are rising. Product recall risks have increased in relation to the development of cutting-edge electronic systems.

Cyber risk and liability in general are also on the rise. Government regulatory authorities require companies in all sectors to apply even greater focus when implementing products they put on the market, to protect public interests and consumers, while the global supply chain is at the mercy of public unrest and global issues, such as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Convergo advisors can provide manufacturers and automotive producers with support for any business issue, providing advice and solutions that enable them to run their business with more certainty and peace of mind. By reducing exposure to business risks, Convergo can ensure companies operate with reduced volatility, safeguarding revenue and profit as a result.


Our expertise in managing risk and  insurance broking services for all marine requirements means our clients can apply risk management that is more efficient and cost-effective.


Convergo has proven experience in managing risk in the rail industry and related areas, such as employee safety, transport of hazardous substances, safeguarding against terrorism, and compliance with increasing industry legislation.

Real Estate

Comprehensive range of solutions including property, casualty, financial services, environmental, construction and additional areas of real estate related risk management.

Wholesale, Food & Beverage

Risk Management advice for companies dealing with issues concerning food safety, the supply chain, bioterrorism, security, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and contamination, which can all have devastating financial effects if not defined and addressed appropriately.

Transport & Logistics

A wide range of risk management solutions and services designed to address today’s challenges in the road transport industry. We can provide haulage companies with comprehensive risk analysis, loss prevention and claims management services.