We release credit to let you make new investments

Running your business requires contractual guarantees and other financial obligations.

As a result, our team of specialists dealing with sureties and bonds can provide an innovative, industry-leading advisory service.

We provide advisory services designed to verify third-party guarantees (clients, suppliers, etc.), including the definition of bid bonds and performance bonds, contract reviews, and bonding capacity from insurance companies. 

We support construction companies and contractors through our team of surety specialists, who understand the industry and its characteristics.

Our surety experts can also replace bank letters of credit or existing insurance guarantees with more cost-effective surety bonds, freeing up credit capacity for other business needs.

Convergo will work with you to develop and maintain the surety program most suited to your needs, and integrate it appropriately within your risk management and financial targets, irrespective of the variables or dynamics at work in the insurance market.