Serving the energy industry powering the world

Put your trust in our team of experts to find you the best insurance solutions in the energy industry. Convergo has significant expertise and experience in onshore and offshore energy from Upstream processes (prospecting and production), through to Downstream processes (refining and marketing), in addition to Renewable Energy, and is able to offer insurance solutions that are second to none. Whether your company is operating in the wholesale or retail business, our access to the main global insurance markets enables us to offer customised, requirement-driven products.

Our experts will work closely with you to identify and/or develop customised insurance cover suited to your requirements. Our experience in the energy industry covers a broad range of companies, including:

  • Onshore/offshore prospecting and production companies;
  • Oil trading companies;
  • Onshore/offshore oil companies;
  • Onshore/offshore gas pipeline companies;
  • Terminal and storage companies;
  • Refining, processing and retail companies;
  • Petrochemical companies;
  • Petrol stations and service areas;
  • Hydropower plants and companies;
  • Solar/wind power plants and companies;
  • Biomass plants and companies;
  • Geothermal plants and companies.