Customised solutions to meet your short and long-term requirements.

Employee benefits are a tool for strengthening relationships with employees, demonstrating loyalty and sharing the growth of your business. Managing the options while containing the cost of employee benefits requires time and professionalism.

At Convergo we make the negotiation of employee benefits programs simple and convenient for our clients, by liaising with them to manage and advise on programs, and providing support on matters of compliance. Benefit from our support to plan, calculate and inform your employees about the value and importance of an employee benefits program.

We will protect your interests first and foremost, by preventing minor issues from becoming major concerns.

Our 7-step method for designing and implementing a benefits program enables us to fully meet company and employee requirements.

  • 1. Define your objectives;
  • 2. Analyse and assess your current benefits;
  • 3. Access a wide range of products and services;
  • 4. Analyse claim trends and recommend changes;
  • 5. Manage the review and renewal process;
  • 6. Support employee training;
  • 7. Ensure legal compliance.

Whether you operate a small business with a few employees or a large multinational with more complex requirements, Convergo can help you manage the cost of your employee benefits programs, and even exceed employee expectations. Impartiality enables us to explore the market to recommend and design the best solution to meet your needs.